SBE Chapter 22
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Turning Stone Event Center
Join us for the SBE Chapter 22 Broadcast and Technology Expo, October 8, 2014 at Turning Stone

Celebrating 50 years of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and host site of the 2014 SBE National Meeting

The Expo is free to attend! Register on-line here.
Our SBE 22 Expo Partners
Imagine Communications Vitex evertz Panasonic
Unimar Cayuga SONY DataVideo
Tom Musto - Lighting for Video Film Style

Bill Rienhart - Avid Everywhere
Radio Engineering

Alan Jurison - HD Radio Advancements and Trends

Tim Anderson - Hybrid Crest Factor Reduction and Advanced Adaptive Non-Linear Pre-Correction techniques for Maximizing HD Radio™ Transmitter Power and Efficiency
Chris Imlay - AM Revitalization
Television Engineering
Giovanni Galvez - Quality Control for Verifying Closed Caption Data in a File-Based Workflow
Ed Murlatt - Preventive Maintenance of Passive RF Systems
Spectrum Repacking Makes it More Important to all Broadcasters
Information Technology
Kirk Harnack - Why Broadcast Phones and Codecs are going IP, and Why Engineers Should Be Excited About It

Wayne Pecena - What You Need to Know About IP Networking